Selected Publications

We developed a gamified two-alternative-forced-choice task with a soccer theme and tested if the drift diffusion model account for the data from this task. We also tested whether individual differences in sub-clinical (depression and anxiety) and transdiagnostic (perfectionism) traits predict any trends in the latent parameters of the decision process. We found DDM to be a good fit to the data as a generative process, and observed maladaptive perfectionism scores to be associated negatively with evidence integration rates.
In PsyArXiv, 2019

We aimed to replicate a motor effect reported in Javadi et al. (2015) with sham control and a different perceptual task, as well as fitting the drift diffusion model to the data in order to investigate the nature of the effect in terms of latent decision processes. We did not observe the reported effect with neither behavioral nor model outcomes.
In Front Neurosci, 2018

Recent Publications

. Aging impairs perceptual decision-making in mice: integrating computational and neurobiological approaches. In Brain Struct Funct, 2020.


. Disrupted latent decision processes in medication-free pediatric OCD patients. In JAD, 2017.




Development of a gamified sequential evidence integration task

Motor tDCS

Conceptual replication of motor effects of tDCS

Turkish Elections - 2015

Ballot box data from Turkish general elections in June and November 2015